Artisan preserves with a modern twist

Artisan preserves with a modern twist

Artisan preserves with a modern twistArtisan preserves with a modern twistArtisan preserves with a modern twist
Because Superhero's come in all shapes and sizes.

Home of the world famous 'award winning' Cocktail Marmalades

Customer Reviews


Nicola P. (facebook)

"Best breakfast in a long time. Gin Cocktail Marmalade is BANGING."   

5 Stars


Stuart W. Jr. (twitter)

"Mmmmmm..... Newcastle Brown Ale and Apple chutney and crackers. Sooooooo gooood.

5 Stars


Sarah J. (facebook)

"Bought a jar of Me Mam's Carrot Jam, we had nearly polished off the whole jar by next day. Wish we had bought more!!"

5 Stars


Note: Please contact stockist before your trip, as some do not stock our full range.


Note: Only the Gin Cocktail Marmalade is sold in Lakeland stores. 

Corbridge Larder.  Corbridge. Northumberland.

Melaine's Tea Room

Front St. Newbiggin by the Sea. 

Lewis & Cooper. Northallerton

Turner's of Low Fell. Independent Cheesemonger. 

4a Beaconsfield Road, Low Fell. Gateshead. 

Upside Down Presents - 61 The Side.  Newcastle. 

Blagdon Farm Shop. Newcastle.

Broom House Farm Shop. Durham.

The Baker's Loaf & Tearoom. St

The Stable Yard Nursery. Craster. Alnwick.

The Simple Weigh Shop. Hartlepool.

Rose & Potter Deli. 

98 High Street. Marske by the Sea.

Sunshine Cooperative - Sunderland.

Boda Home – 74 Whitley Road. Whitley Bay.

Browns Larder - Kirkharle. Northumberland.

Deli Around the Corner - Tynemouth. 

The Paddock - 7-9 Ramsay Street. High Spen. Tyne & Wear.

Jamiesons at Cullercoats - Cullercoats.

The Word. National Centre for the Written Word (gift shop)  South Shields.

About Fat Lass Preserves

Fat Lass Preserves


Fat Lass Preserves holds a 5 Star Hygiene Rating. 

All preserves are cooked in small batches, using only the best seasonal produce & British vinegars to retain & enhance natural flavors.

Our preserves are lightly cooked, meaning they taste fresher, juicier & crunchier than traditional preserves. 

Here, at Fat Lass Preserves we aim to preserve & promote historic methods & benefits of preserving by adding a modern twist on flavors and creating inventive ways to use our preserves... Like our unique COCKTAIL MARMALADES  which can be used for toast, or cocktails. And then, there's our VEGETABLE JAMS, a top hit with kids.


Our Mission

Newkie Broon Ale & Apple by Lucy Blake

Fat Lass Preserves works hard to maintain a strong ethical policy & practice. That is, all waste is fully recycled, all food scraps are composted and where possible we always aim to buy local or British produce. Even our recyclable glass jars are made in England. 


Also, we only use a community car hire scheme to make deliveries to our lovely stockists. 

My Story

Art by S. Carr

Hello, it's Bridget here... Owner and Head Fat Lass at Fat Lass Preserves. Guess this is where I tell you a little about me... Well, I'm an ex-Bafta winning documentary director, television soap writer and once worked as a human billboard. I have an allotment, I'm dyslexic, I love  Siouxsie & the Banshees & I can't pronounce the word 'paprika' - Which is a tad embarrassing, since I have a Smoked Paprika Onion chutney product!   

And, just in case you were wondering, as Head Fat Lass, yes I am a big, curvy lady. I named my company Fat Lass Preserves because the word "fat" is often used as a negative, destructive  term, but I believe it's time to reclaim this negative and turn it into a positive. 

Fat Lass Preserves is all about producing quality food, using top notch ingredients. It's food with all the tasty bits left in. Food created to be enjoyed without guilt. 

Like me, many Super Women (and men) come in all shapes and sizes; something I am no longer embarrassed about, and much happier & healthier for it. 



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BBC Radio 4


Listen to Bridget, Fat Lass Preserves founder on Radio 4's Broadcasting House chatting all things marmalade on R4 with Paddy O'Connel & Mark Mardell. 

Living North Magazine

Newkie Broon Ale & Apple chutney, a proper Geordie chutney made with Newcastle Brown Ale.

Feature article in Living North Magazine 

The Evening Chronicle

Artisan gifts

Newspaper article celebrating Fat Lass Preserves win at The World Marmalade Awards. 

BBC Radio 4


Founder of Fat Lass Preserves reviews the Sunday newspapers on Radio 4's Broadcasting House. 

Appetite Magazine

Gin Cocktail Marmalade - use to create a Fat Lass Tickle Marmalade!


Handmade Gin Cocktail Marmalade

Fat Lass Preserves

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